Trailer: Buzz Lightyear of toy story’s origin story


Trailer: Buzz Lightyear of toy story’s origin story

Disney and Pixar just released the official trailer for upcoming film "Lightyear" and it's already an adventure.

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The trailer touches on the beginnings of Buzz Lightyear, who is shown to be heading out to a space mission after getting “marooned” on a planet for a year.

On his mission, he finds himself being chased down by robots — but at least he has a super cute companion robot named Socks.

Chris Evans, who voices Buzz in the film, has previously clarified that the film will not be about the iconic toy, but rather the human that it was based on.

The actor also shared the trailer on Twitter, saying “To infinity…” which is a reference to Buzz Lightyear’s most iconic line:  “To infinity and beyond!”